Catherine, thank you so much for teaching us such a beautiful dance! For a couple who have never danced before and especially a groom
who had such a fear of dancing, you did a fantastic job! We can’t believe what we managed to achieve in just 3 lessons!! You made us feel
comfortable and adapted the dance to our skill level. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and the lessons were a lovely break from all the wedding planning.
Our guests were absolutely blown away on the night and the groom never got off the dance floor!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Tom & Sarah, April 2021

Catherine, we smashed it –  everyone loved our First Dance  – You would have been so proud!   Katie and Paul,March 2021

We had little time before our Wedding but wanted a to choreograph a dance to our chosen song.  Catherine was absolutely brilliant with the time we had.  She put together a beautiful dance in a short time and her experience helped us to be fluent by our last run through.  Wonderful teacher and if you want to look the part for your First Dance, look no further than Catherine at DanceMoves!

Katherine and Jared March 2018

Catherine firstly helped us finalise our song choice.  Within two lessons we had our entire dance routine laid out and ready to practice from start to end.  She is wonderfully relaxed and clear and listens to what you want.  The whole experience has been fun and a total pleasure.  We even finished well enough and polished enough to leave early and have a coffee on the last session.           We would highly recommend Catherine to help you with creating a stunning, elegant dance routine.      Pam McCorkindale and Mike Ny   February 2018

For someone who has seriously never danced before (Taihape Farmer) Catherine made it easy and very enjoyable for me to learn our First Dance.   And we got it together in 3 days before our Wedding!   Matt and Sarah 2017

Catherine tailored our First Dance to our chosen song.  We were abit worried before our lessons began because we had no previous dance experience, and didnt think that we could learn much in three lessons.  But, Catherine was very patient with us, and we learnt faster than we thought we would.  Now, we are very excited to show everyone our Dance on our big day.

Hamish Morrison and Lee Soekphukhiaw, Decemeber 2017

We werent sure what to expect for first time Dance lessons but Catherine quickly put our minds at ease and we

really enjoyed ourselves learning our First Dance.  It was a lot of fun.

Holly and Kirk, October 2017


We can’t thank you enough for teaching us our first dance for our wedding day. We both thoroughly enjoyed our lessons with you, it provided a wonderful way for us to escape and enjoy dancing with each other during the stress of wedding planning! With neither of us having dance experience we were surprised at how quickly we learnt our dance in only three lessons, and appreciated all of your encouragement and creativity along the way. Dancing together in front of our families is a truly wonderful memory and some of them were moved to tears, thank you.

Warm regards,

Jenna and Brad (March 2014)

We wanted to Thank You for your time and help teaching us our First Wedding Dance.  As both non-dancers we really enjoyed learning our dance and we had such a great time performing it to our friends and family.  It was lovely to meet you and we greatly appreciated you fitting us in right before Christmas.

Jess and Daryl, Wellington, January 2011


Our Wedding Dance went really well, the crowd loved it, particularly the first isolations section.  Thank you very much for your help in making our First Dance together so special.

Karen and Matt, February 2011

Thank you Catherine for making our First Dance so special. Your skills in choreographing our Wedding Dance were exceptional and we couldn t have done it without you!

Nathan and Christine, Nelson, January 2012

Dear Catherine,  we wanted to thank you for teaching us our First Dance for our Wedding in April.  It went very well and we felt so much more confident after having those few lessons with you.  We so appreciated your patience with us.

Regards     Teresa and Jeremy Bull, April 2012

Catherine Callaghan is such a special Wedding Dance Teacher.  Her relaxed and encouraging manner immediately put us both at ease, as we are very shy people, and, had no dance experience whatsoever.  We really liked that we could choose our own music and have our First Dance choreographed especially to that.    We had a lot of fun learning the dance and it was only in a few lessons.  The crowd loved it!  We highly recommend Catherine!

Libby and Adam Brumwell, Nelson, January 2013

Katie and Mark looked really impressive when the music started and they executed some very showy steps.  Catherine you did very well with their First Dance in only three lessons!  Thanks so much for fitting them in at such short notice.  I was so pleased they learnt from you.

Proud Mum……J. Woodhouse, January 2013

Our Wedding Dance went really well — it was definitely loving and fun!  There were a few hiccups, no-one minded.  As for us, we just laughed to ourselves.  We got rapturous applause from our audience.  Thanks once again for your wonderful choreography and encouragment.

Paula and John, Nelson, March 2013

Salsa and Yoga students comments

Catherines Private Dance lessons have encouraged us as complete dance beginners.  With her expertise and patience, we have improved in leaps and bounds, and are thoroughly enjoying the dance experience.

Andrew and Rosemary Norfield, upper Moutere, 17 July 08

Catherine is the sort of person who can teach dummies such as myself to dance and at the same time enjoy!
Hugh Neill, Actor/Director, Nelson, May 2008

Catherine put my progress first and allowed me time to really become confident with each move. I was very nervous and unwilling to go down to the Little Rock Café by myself, but Catherine’s patient approach gave me the long-term confidence I really needed.
James Upton, 9.1.07, Nelson English Centre

I loved Catherine’s classes, especially Women’s Move n Groove. Not having overabundant confidence with coordinated dancing, I felt fine fronting up and trying it all out. I especially liked the fun warm ups and the yoga-ish cool downs were lovely. Catherine made me feel welcome and encouraged the “having fun” angle, when any anxiety set in. I really miss those classes.

Becky Turrel, Golden Bay, now living in Christchurch

Catherine is a superb teacher. We studied the basic Salsa course over several weeks and she was able to take our rudimentary dance skills and turn us into real dancers. She has a wonderful enthusiasm and flair and inspires the dancer in all of us. If you can take her courses, be in quick. She is a very special person, a leader in her field.
Sumire Kawasaki and Steve Skelton, Nelson

Catherine Callaghan, the yoga teacher, is very well-suited to teaching young people. She has great skills and enthusiasm to teach and inspire, the ability to keep discipline and attention from students, sound knowledge of human movement, and various other abilities and ideas which all ensure students have a great time, learn more about themselves and open up to expressions through movement.

Catherine’s yoga class was a lot of fun. With a class of junior high school students, awkward with pubescence, her overflowing enthusiasm, superb guidance and excellent leadership and control gave students an amazing experience, one that was never boring.
There were students in the class who’d never tried yoga before that day, and who were asking to do it again straight after the lesson. As instructions were given using simple English, it was also an English lesson for students. Watching her teach made me think that, as a teacher, it’s a form that I too should learn.

Kaori Hayashi, Senior Teacher, Shiga Gakuen Junior High School